Friday, September 22, 2017

Butterick Fashion Magazine Autumn 1940 - Part 3 (final pages)

Tonight I have got the final pages from the Autumn 1940 Butterick Magazine to share with you all, and like the first two posts of images, I am loving the inspiration to be found in these pages fro the past! The colors used in the printing are particularly nice, and I have definitely been inspired to try and add a few new colors to my collection of vintage accessories (like a rusty red, a lighter milk chocolate brown, and of course the ever effervescent chartreuse). I have been a bit behind on pulling together my fall sewing and wardrobe planning this year, but browsing vintage images gives me a boost when trying to style some new ensembles for fall. 

Happy Autumn equinox everyone! I think I'll be celebrating the seasons turn with some cedar scented candles, a cozy blanket with a cat on my lap, and watching something spooky ;)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Morning in Montmartre

Perhaps the party had indeed run a bit long they thought, finally wandering back out onto the streets bathed in clear crisp morning light. The early risers already loitering looked upon their eveningwear with warranted suspicion, no doubt picturing a night of absinthe fueled debauchery that couldn't have been farther from the truth. Discussion was the activity, fervent debates over the merits of art, of abstraction, or the modern validity of operetta. The bakers and parishioners of the morning light couldn't understand. Sacre-Coeur loomed, seeming to pass the largest judgement of all. Velvet in the morning, metallic shoes teetering on cobblestones, and a headache only a long nap would resolve. 

Vague nostalgic musing on Montmartre in the twenties, but who now could say what it was really like then?  Here are the very last photos from my trip to Paris in the spring. I had been saving them for a more velvet appropriate season, and as fall is approaching it finally seemed I may be in the clear to share them. I made this dress especially to wear in Paris, one simply must have fun with 1920s looks in Paris after all.

The dress is another 1 hour, of course, as is my custom! I really need to branch out, but this most simple of deco shapes is just so easy to create. The subtle Celtic patterned rings were embossed into the velvet using a hot iron, a spray bottle of water, and a carved wooden stamp I found at Michaels crafts store. Hemming velvet like this is super irritating, so I cheated and used a length of metallic ribbon at the hem since the dress was pretty medieval inspired already. I used the left over bits of velvet to try and make a wrap/jacket over blouse thing, the geometric pattern of which was very inspired by Japanese haori, but I wasn't perfectly happy with how that came out as I didn't have enough fabric to make the sleeves wide enough for a true haori look. As for accessorizing, I couldn't bring too many pairs of shoes with me to Paris so I just have my old beaten-up t-straps in gold and black, and then I wore a long gold and black beaded necklace to match. I purchased the tiny golden handbag (more akin to a piece of jewelry than a purse really) just  to go with this dress, and it's too small for anything besides a lipstick and an ID/credit card for perhaps a cell phone free night out. 

I'm sure I looked a bit out of place amongst the other tourists, but I didn't mind. It was a chilly morning so we stopped for a warm crepe with nuttella before heading back down from Montmartre back into the heart of Paris for a museum visit and then yet another trip to Laduree for tea. It was our last full day in Paris, and we hopped all over the city before ending the night with a touristy river cruise to see Paris lit up at night. So dreamy right? Anyone want to pay for me to fly back to Europe again is welcome to get in touch ;)

Dress & cardigan(?), Necklace & Earrings: Made by me
Shoes: Urban Outfitters (over a decade ago...)
Handbag: Vintage

Monday, September 18, 2017

Painting Roses Red

Isn't this cat brooch too cute? I added it to my collection a few years ago from the Etsy shop Belle Lurette Paris and I think I'll be adding more cats like this one to my pile of brooches one day, as the same cat comes in many colors! As I type this my real cat is pawing around trying to get me to stop typing and to pet her instead. I will oblige her wishes shortly :)

Mostly I just wanted to wear my new hat really, so I needed an outfit I could pair with black accessories! Enter this red dress, which is not actually among my favorites as I find it a bit too clingy and there is something about the drape of it I don't like, even if I love the dark red color. I'd like to remake it in a lightweight wool instead. Another future project for the only ever growing list.

I was happy to have found a black beaded hat in good condition to add to my collection of hats recently, and I even love the jaunty little bow on top despite bows not always being very in keeping with my own personal style. I tend to avoid things that are perhaps more girlish, usually preferring the more mature styles from each decade, but a bow slips in every once and a while. I have now switched my focus from seeking out straw hats to searching out wool and velvet toppers instead, a seasonal shopping shift if you will :)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, here the weather finally was beginning to finally feel like fall the past few days and I hope perhaps next weekend I will get to drive up into the mountains to see the aspens glowing gold. I do love a mountain drive in the fall!

Hat, Handbag, Belt, & Gloves: Vintage
Brooch: Belle Lurette Paris
Dress: Made by me
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Some Fall Sewing Plans - Video

I'll admit it, I have tons more sewing planned for this fall, but these are the projects I will be diving into first. I've got some more fabrics laying about that have been waiting to become clothes for a while now, but if I talked about each and every fabric this video would have been hours long!

I've actually lost some of my energy for sewing currently, I really wish I could snap my fingers and projects would magically materialize without me having to do all the work! That's my impatience talking I suppose, there are only two options in these situations- either push through and sew anyways or take a break. Yesterday I decided to take a break, and today I feel ready to start sewing again. For any of you seamstresses out there, what do you do when your brain tries to decide there will be no sewing that day?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Return of the Golden Hour

As it's fashion week (well, New York fashion week was over the weekend, but now it's London's week right?) I thought I'd show you all my new Marc Jacobs dress. Well alright, I made it myself, but the fabric, according to Mood Fabrics online where I bought it, it was a Marc Jacobs fabric. So this is probably as close as I'll ever get to having a Marc Jacobs dress, which is fine, as I doubt he usually bases his designs on late 1940's dresses...

This fabric is a rayon that feels almost like an acetate taffeta, really cool and crisp to the touch. Luckily, though it feels like it would be slippery to sew with, it actually behaved really nicely and I was even able to serge the seams and didn't have to use seam binding which was great as I impatiently wanted this dress to be done! I have fall projects I want to start on ;) I didn't need to line the dress either despite it being slightly sheer where the white parts of the print are and just wore it with a white slip here.

I paired the dress with some black accessories, silver shoes, and some clear rhinestone jewelry. I think this look would be great for dinner or cocktails in the summertime, which of course is just ending, but there is always next year.

I'm afraid I'm knackered tonight, as the Brit's would say, so I'll close here and go off to make dinner. I hope you all had a good week, happy Friday!

Dress: Made by me
Shoes: Zara
Jewelry & Clutch: Vintage

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