Thursday, August 17, 2017

Coming Up Roses

Well actually, everything (on the lager scale) is pretty darn terrible out there. More reason than ever to take time to stop and appreciate something as fragile and beautiful as a summer rose. Oh USA, when will you finally get it together?

Lets talk about pink again instead. As I was dying my hair over the faded auburn sort of shade I had going on, I knew it wasn't going to turn out bright pink but it is still a bit darker than I would have liked as it almost just looks plain burgundy now! Oh well, perhaps after I wash it a few times it will fade into something a bit more raspberry and if not I'll just dye over it again something more flattering to my dark purple ;)

If you remember from my post covering my planned summer sewing projects you will recall that I was originally planning on giving this dress a sarong style skirt. In the end I just couldn't figure out how to do it with there being two layers! The skirt had to be lined, the rose print fabric is quite sheer, but I couldn't engineer a way to do the lining that I liked. So instead this dress got a regular old A-line shaped skirt! It was quicker that way at least, and I do like a fast project. The fabric was a great bargain find, but the sheer cotton was a bit fragile to work with. Now that it is all together I am still really happy with how it came out <3

I have another floral project on my sewing table for this upcoming weekend. I'll keep up the florals for now until fall arrives, then it's back to my beloved plaids and lovely wool tweeds :)

Dress: Made by me
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes
Handbag, Gloves, & Jewelry: Vintage
Belt: Banana Republic

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

100 Years of Bobbed Hair

Whew! This video took a century to put together (ha get it?), but seriously, between filming all the segments and editing each era to look similar to the film/tv from that era as well, this was quite the project!

The 1915-1950's segments were the easiest for me to style of course, since that half of the century is much more in my usual wheelhouse, but the 1970s gave me trouble as without layers in my hair I couldn't quite get the Farrah Fawcette flip I was going for! I probably could have used more teasing for my 1960s hairstyle too, but as my hair is lightened right now I didn't want to risk the breakage of over teasing. The 80's make-up was super fun to do, and the 2000s was the opposite! I feel like that was indeed how I did my make-up as a young'un in 2005, and it wasn't a good look on me then either. Also I had forgotten how gross lip-gloss feels! No gloss for me thanks.

Even though putting all the extra effects together was killing my poor laptop, which just isn't designed for video editing, I had a great time editing this video and actually quite like editing in general! I am excited to keep making videos, and growing my fledgling YouTube channel is a fun new challenge. If any of you guys like the video and think you know others who would enjoy it too, please do share it as it would really help me out. Gosh that sounds so spammy, but I worked really hard on this one and I want to show it to the world now! Thanks so much for your constant support over the years by the way, I really appreciate every visitor and comment <3

Monday, August 14, 2017

Think Pink

I was never a "pink" girl, which sounds stupid, because obviously someone decided pink was for girls a while back, which I think lead to me sort of rebelling against pink as a concept for a long time. This is pretty deep, but in western culture often feminine things are made fun of or put down, including the color pink, which is real stupid, but is also something I internalized. It's similar to the "I'm not like other girls", as if being less feminine is somehow superior, yikes! What an awful thing to be internalizing right? Which is one of many reasons why girls should be allowed to play with toy tools and boys need to be allowed to have dolls and pink, but I digress...

Which is all to say, I like pink now. Have you all heard about millennial pink? The color (well, small range of colors) has been very popular for a few years now, and you may have noticed rose gold, pink hair, and pink everything is having a sort of renaissance. And you know what, I'm a millennial and I like this stupid color, so I guess the marketing kool-aid is working on me. I do sort of wonder if it is related to my first point though, if perhaps we have reached a point in the current feminist cultural dialogue where women are taking back pink and daring the world to say they are less than because they are outwardly feminine. I dunno, am I being to meta today? I made a huge pink skirt and I wore it with a fluffy petticoat, I am not ashamed.

The color of this fabric did look a bit more subdued online (it's from Mood) and I was surprised at just how vibrant it was when it arrived. They called the color "shell pink" but to me it is more of a bright salmon. I still want to find a more muted grey/pink color fabric to make the skirt I had in my mind originally, but this one will be a bright addition to my closet in the meantime. For it's first outing I paired it with the classic black and white striped top, this is perhaps the most typical fashion blogger outfit I have ever worn here on the blog! But when something works, it works right? Luckily this shade of pink does match this great vintage brooch and earrings set that I have had for a few years now and I was happy to wear it again. I sort of want a pink petticoat now too...but I can't go down the rabbit hole of buying colorful petticoats just jet, I can neither afford to or have space for them all!

I hope you all had a magnificent weekend, I got some sewing done so I'm pleased about that! In fact I have to go hem the dress I made now so that I can call it truly finished. I hope you have a survivable Monday and a nice week ahead.

PS: Nazis are fucking stupid, and the US is crazy right now (and also always?). I wear a lot of WWII fashions, and I hold a lot of "modern ideas". They had a lot of stuff wrong in the 1940s, but they knew nazis were full of shit, and so do we. Stand up to this evil, help where you can.

Top: Vivien of Holloway
Skirt: Made by me
Shoes: Bait Footwear (Modcloth)
Handbag, Hat, Belt, Brooch & Earrings: Vintage
Petticoat: Malco Modes

Friday, August 11, 2017

Cataloging Catalogs: Montgomery Ward Spring Summer 1943 (Blouses, Skirts, Suits!)

So...I may have bought another Montgomery Ward catalog, which brings my total up to 4 now! Oops! They are just amazing resources!! I wish I could buy each and every one and digitize them all for us vintage inclined modern folks to browse, but so far I have only managed to scan in most of my Spring Summer 1943 catalog. The "new" one I picked up last week is the Spring Summer 1958 catalog, and it is fun flipping though to see how the fashions have changed from my 1940's catalogs.

Today I have more pages from the 1943 catalog for you all, covering some blouses, sweaters, skirts, and suits, with a few coats too! The pages that I have to scan next after there are mostly coats, but after that are shoes and hats so that will be extra fun. As usual these are quite large images, so click on them to see more detail. Feel free to save, pin, and share these as you please!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Return of the Well Traveled Blouse

The first time I wore this lovely Heyday Vintage blouse here on the blog I went into detail about the crazy journey back and forth across the Atlantic it had been on before it finally arrived. The United States Postal Service cannot exactly be relied upon for efficiency, but at least I got the blouse in the end, as it is truly gorgeous!

This time I rolled up the full length sleeves and paired the blouse with a sturdy twill skirt for a more wartime sort of on duty look. This pairing makes me think of Peggy Carter, and as Peggy is both stylish and practical I feel like that is no bad thing. Of course this style of gorgeous two toned shoe from Royal Vintage shoes are also named the Peggy, so that fits ;) These shoes are so great, I can only hope they consider making them in more colors in the future. I'd love a pair in dark chocolate brown and warm light cognac leather for example!

We have been having some rather strange weather here for the past week or so, with sunshine disappearing into grey clouds and rain in the afternoons and evening and it is helping me get even more excited for fall! (Not that I'm not already excited for fall, I love fall!) I have already begun to plan my fall sewing projects, and luckily I have some time this next week to get a lot of my last few summer sewing projects finished. I have been procrastinating the more difficult projects on my list for weeks now, because sewing with cotton is just much easier than sewing with slinky rayon, but I have got to get to it or I'll miss the window of summertime entirely!

I hope you have all had a lovely week, and have a fun and relaxing weekend ahead!

Blouse: Heyday Vintage
Skirt: Made by me
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes
Clutch & Belt: Vintage

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